"HSM? Does that stand for High School Musical?"

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What to Expect:

We're an imperfect church, an imperfect youth group, and an imperfect people, but we love a perfect God. It doesn't matter who you are or which city you're from, when you come to HSM, our goal is to make you feel at home in Jesus. 

We live by a few core values:

1. Loving Everyone Always

2. Authentic Community

3. Seeing Gospel Transformation. 

When you walk in the door, you will be greeted by friendly volunteers. If you have any questions, need a tour, or need to get checked in, they're there to serve you. Before youth group starts, we like to hang out, listen to music, and play some games. Feel free to do any of the above. From there, youth group will start officially as we gather together to play a game or sing a couple of songs. This is our time of worshipping God. If you're not comfortable singing, just sit back and enjoy the music. After worship, we have a 15-minute, Bible-based message that's always applicable to you. At the end of service, we go into small groups for about 20 minutes. This is a time for you to dig deeper into the message and build lasting relationships with friends. 


If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us, but just know this: we're glad to have you join us no matter if you've been to church or not. No matter if you're tattooed, have a rough past, or if you've been in church your whole life. We're not going to embarrass you. You're always welcome!